Yoyo faar til sommerudstillingen 2016





Hello I am Helle Witte Christiansen

I learned to paint in a classical and traditional manner at the academy of fine art in Florence, by tutors who are great Italian masters of contemporary art.
I create an interaction between a Frankenstein-like imaginary world and the fine finish and traditional painting techniques, as an invitation into a subtle world where anything may happen.

when I work on a painting, it is an oniric universe, that have my interest. Animals(with a soul and thoughts), mythologic symbols, and  shadows from a latent dreamworlds root content.
at first glance it looks simple, an unreal stageing of a world, that is not only good, nice and pretty. the figures is placed in a situation of weirdness, there are something fishy and lurking behind the golden coffeepot, where an haute couture toecap gets reflected. I often use sheeps as a counterpoint in the composition of the subject, as a powerful symbolic icon and metaphor for wider social issues.

We might not need to go the same way all in the flock?